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Cornwall ACF

Free Sports Club Sponsorship

Up to £500 sponsorship for sports clubs, teams, societies, venues, individuals, events and other sports professionals..

Gladiator Sports will start to sponsor one team, club, individual, society, event or organisation every month from January 2015.

To be included in our monthly sponsorship draw just create a free profile and then add your sponsorship requirements to our noticeboard by going to My Notices and adding a notice selecting sponsorship under type. To help with selection, and just in case other associated businesses want to sponsor you, please include how much sponsorship you require, what it is for and what benefits there will be to a sponsoring company i.e. press coverage, team picture, local business exposure, logo on equipment, advertising or promotion through social media / website, etc.

We will pick a profile to sponsor each month from the list of created profiles with submitted sponsorship details on the noticeboard. We will also tweet and email out your sponsorship requirement from our noticeboard as from time to time other connected companies and advertisers also pick a sports club, event or player in their local area to sponsor.

If you already have a profile created on our website just submit your sponsorship requirements on our noticeboard and we will then add your details automatically to our monthly list of profiles waiting for sponsorship. If you know of a sports club, team, society, individual or event that does not have a profile on our site but would like free sponsorship just send them a link so they can create a free profile and submit their sponsorship requirements today.

Sponsorship suggestions are listed below, which should ideally have information on relating back to the sponsoring business to help with their marketing or name awareness.

Sponsorship can be for, but not limited to:

Home or away club kit sponsorship with business logo and name on

Player sponsorship promoting sponsoring business

Board advertising promoting sponsoring company info

Website advertising promoting sponsoring business

Match ball sponsorship promoting sponsoring company

Tour / Bus sponsorship promoting sponsoring business info

Hospitality with promotion or for sponsoring business

New club website design promoting sponsoring company

Magazine / Event sponsorship with advertising for sponsoring business

Other kit sponsorship promoting company logo and text

As a non profit organisation which helps people find local sports and leisure information and events whilst enabling local sports clubs, teams, societies and individuals to get sponsorship through our advertisers we would appreciate any promotion, social media mentions or links back that will help us with our main objective:  to increase participation in local sports or leisure activities in the UK.

Start by registering your free profile and submitting your sponsorship details today.

Some sponsorship terms and conditions:

1. Club/Kit Sponsorship: the club will get £500 worth of kit that we supply in accordance to the clubs specification and colours or the club can purchase themselves with our logo and name on and will pay the invoice, up to £500 +vat, when received.

2. New club website to the value of £500 including design, hosting, email, monthly maintenance and yearly hosting.

3. Website advertising: the club will get the remaining money after the cost of the website advert design, normally our freelance designers charge us around £50 per animated advert.

4. Clubs gets remaining amount of board adverting money after the cost of designing, printing and sending the perimeter board to club.

5. Match ball sponsorship: the club will give us £500 worth of match ball sponsorship which may cover many games.

6. Tour / Bus sponsorship: the club will get £500 to spend on tour or Bus sponsorship with the specific requirements being discussed after the winning notification but must include the cost of design and placing our logo and name on their equipment.

7. Gladiator Sports will agree to spend £500 on Hospitality at the club for site users or advertisers to use as necessary.

8. Player sponsorship the individual or club will get £500 for player/s sponsorship promoting Gladiator Sports on clothing, website, magazines etc.

9. Mascot & cup game sponsorship the club with be required to finalise the specific requirement and what it is willing to offer Gladiator Sports in exchange for the £500 worth of sponsorship.



Latest Offer

Free Sponsorship

Up to £500 sponsorship for individuals, sports clubs, teams, societies, venues, etc. Please visit our free sports sponsorship page after you have created your profile to find out more.


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Free Promotion

We tweet & email out all new profiles, events, offers & any other information supplied to thousands of monthly users. Just create a free profile, submit your info & leave the rest to us.

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