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Hi, I am 18 years old and I am an aspiring professional tennis player who definitely has what it takes to make it big and go pro. However, I am in need of a sponsor though who can help me reach my next step, which is to go pro.

The work I put into my game over the past couple of years as well as my motivation and dedication to the sport. My progression over the last couple of years has been immense and I have developed many areas of my game to a high level.

I am currently I uncoached and mostly self taught to some degree but I don't let that hinder me in my pursuit of going pro.

With your help it would allow me to hire a coach and start effectively progressing my way up the rankings to get onto the ATP Challengers Tour and hopefully within the next couple of years I will be on the actual ATP Tour.

I understand there is still a long road ahead of me but I am ready to tackle any challenge and put my 'heart and soul' on the line to make it. Fellow players have told me that my on court talent and skill has so much potential to it and it will take me far.

Finally, I run a small Instagram account where I post occasionally my tennis progression. However, I would post a lot more frequently wearing sponsored gear to help you guys out as well. Any offers would mean the absolute world to me and will be greatly appreciated. Thank you very much.

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Sports: Tennis
Locations: Banffshire
Posted: 18:05 on Tue, 13th Jul, 2021


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