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Need sponsorship to regain 3rd Team's Coach
Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, funding has been scarce, and without enough money to afford it we have had to stop hiring a coach for our 3rd Teams because we simply can't afford it. We don't have enough money for it, and we've had to resort to experienced players of ours to coach them.

In our club we have 3 teams for women and 3 for men, we want as many students as we can to properly enjoy the sport with a qualified coach, so that they properly learn how to play the sport, the rules, good and fair play, and so that they can participate in serious, self-developing trainings.

We ask for a sponsorship of up to £500. Since we have to pay for a coach for our 6 teams, it is very expensive and our university does not provide enough funding for it. If there are any remainders after paying our coach, we would like to spend it buying a few more balls since we are also a bit short in material...

Thanks a lot for reading this, we hope you have a great day.

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Sports: Volleyball
Locations: Greater Manchester
Posted: 14:57 on Mon, 13th Sep, 2021


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