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Support for Daniella Sutton
I am seeking sponsorship so I can progress in motorsport. Any funding that we as a family receive is used for additional coaching and track time, to enable me to hone my skills and achieve the best I can at race events on my championship. To reach my dreams in motorsport and race at the highest levels, hopefully one day Formula1, then I need sponsorship to do this. We are a working class family and to reach the highest levels will not be possible without the support and backing of sponsors.
In return for sponsorship I would thank the sponsors on my social media (Facebook and Instagram). My social media footprint is ever increasing and I will be happy to promote your business/company. There are also opportunities for your logo to go on my trailer, helmet or race suit depending on the amount of support. Each race event is streamed live on YouTube so your business/company would receive coverage/mentions if your logo is visible on my equipment. There are also the opportunities for promotional photo shoot if we were to visit you in my Racewear and with my kart and trailer. I am already a brand ambassador for Raptor Custom Racewear and would love to be an ambassador for other businesses as well.
Any level of sponsorship welcome from £50 (to cover cost of sprocket and chain per race) to £2000 (to cover full season of race entry fees). Or full season sponsorship which could be discussed.

Please contact my mum: rachelsutton81@outlook.com

For more details contact...

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Sports: Motor Racing
Locations: Cheshire
Posted: 14:38 on Thu, 09th Jun, 2022


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