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Carp Team Scotland Ladies

Carp Team Scotland Ladies

Carp Team Scotland ladies is a newly formed team of six Scottish ladies , who have come together to represent Scotland at fishing events and promote ladies angling in Scotland . We are recruiting Scottish females , ( over 18 years old , either born in Scotland or have lived in Scotland for a minimum of 10 years or who qualify by having one or both parents who are Scottish ) and have a passion for fishing and would like to join a team of similar minded females. The aim is to share, learn and improve their fishing skills, whilst benefiting from improved mental health and well-being. The current members are spread across the Uk.

There will be opportunities to train alongside the well established mens Scottish squad , as well as compete nationally and internationally , representing Scotland , as well as taking part in other fishing events , to help encourage more females into the sport. Carp team Scotland ladies will be representing Scotland as the first ever , Scottish ladies carp team , in the world carp championships , held over 72 hours at Linear fisheries in Oxfordshire ,at the end of August 2022. We would love to hear from potential sponsors for our team , to discuss the opportunities we can offer you .

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